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How Much Time Do You Have?

WIWT - Frank & Oakified

Chest - Frank & Oak

Back - Second Sunday (Thrifted)

Tie - Vintage Dad

Tie Bar - Frank & Oak

Belt - Frank & Oak 

Legs - H&M

Frank & Oak is a retailer that recently came onto my radar. Similar to Everlane they offer luxury quality goods at a very reasonable price, $50 or less (Everlane is $100). They have been offering a much wider variety of products from shirts for work and night, jackets, and some great accessories like this elastic navy blue belt. 

My favorite part, their unique “Hunt Club.” Every month I get first access to the new products where I can either pick three to be sent to me for trial or forfeit my Hunt Club for that month to keep my $45.00 deposit. Once I’ve decided which items to keep, I am credited $45.00 towards the purchase of those items with the deposit I put down. Furthermore, should I forget to forfeit my Hunt Club for the month, my $45.00 just becomes store credit towards my next purchases anyway. And to top it off you get about 10% back on all purchases in store credit. Its a win-win-win situation, and their design has not disappointed yet. The site is members only, but you can use your facebook account - and it’s well worth it.

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