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How Much Time Do You Have?

Cole Haan x Nike x Tom Sachs Mission Control Shoes

I thought wingtips could do no wrong. I thought Cole Haan could continue the Luna Grande tradition making incredibly slick modern wing tips. Let it be known, I am mistaken. The idea of taking the iconic shoe style and modernizing it with an iconic sneaker brand seems like it could work…however in reality it reminds me of the classic heaven scene in Happy Gilmore where Happy’s Grandmother dances, his girlfriend carries pitchers of beer…and then Shooter McGavin invades the grassy lawn and ruins everything - which is to say it’s a little more like hell.

Just because two brands are awesome doesn’t always mean they are awesome together (just like two awesome foods that are awesome, don’t just magically taste euphoric together - take Ahi Tuna and Chocolate, i’ve tried it, it doesnt work). The prominent Nike swoosh totally cheapens the Wing Design that originated about a century ago. The only great thing about these shoes…they aren’t for sale.

Cole Haan - LUNAGRAND Chukkas

When Cole Haan launched their Lunagrand wingtips they were a revolution, these chukkas are slick, but with a down-to-earth sole

Cole Haan - Evolution of the Wingtip

Great picture into how menswear has evolved, why the cyclical nature of style will keep now keep mens style a popular subject. On the far right, the Lunar Grand Wingtip is a super modern take on the classic style. A perfect example of why the rise of Menswear will continue to stick - we pay homage to our heritage, while updating the function

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