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How Much Time Do You Have?

Top Picks from Tommy Ton’s Week on the London Streets 

(clockwise from top)

Blue Stripe Suit, a statement - this one is sharply made with bold silver, a great waistcoat for warmer days, and the contrasting wool tie

A popping blue suit, perfect for sunny days

Layered casual wear looking stylish

And casual wear looking sharp without needing layers

Grey double breasted jacket - super versatile from a casual office look with blue jeans, to a slick night out with black jeans and black tee

Color pairings here

As previously noted I abide by the Grevy Rule - All grey and navy, all day.


#AskGQ: Navy or Gray?

If you’re going to be springing for a single suit it should be between the classic menswear colors of navy or gray. Here’s hoping you’re also thinking solely about solids as a pattern-free suit is going to guarantee you get the most versatile piece for your money. As for the great debate over suit hues, it’s all about figuring out which works best for your needs.

Matt Bomer for GQ Italy

Portrayed as the last Elvis, this dark blue Tuxedo is a subtly refined way to update the classic.

Cole Haan - Evolution of the Wingtip

Great picture into how menswear has evolved, why the cyclical nature of style will keep now keep mens style a popular subject. On the far right, the Lunar Grand Wingtip is a super modern take on the classic style. A perfect example of why the rise of Menswear will continue to stick - we pay homage to our heritage, while updating the function

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