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How Much Time Do You Have?

You walk in and sit down, for once your roommates are not controlling the remote. The corporate tie around your neck, vintage no doubt, loosens and you realize…tonight you can just sit, relax, and lay around. Of course, the most calming article of clothing for a relaxing night with your DVR is a soft, worn-in tee, and to my pleasant surprise that night, just such a tee was there. In a box at my front door lay a package from Everlane holding my “Luxury Tee” from their first collection. 

When Everlane started showing up in friends news feeds I was skeptical of yet another “pop-up” online retailer offering “luxury-quality” goods at consumer friendly prices, but as a style blogger you can never judge a site by its homepage (though a graphic designer would certainly disagree). As a quick background, Everlane is a purely online retailer that specializes in unisex goods, made here, in America. They attach a strong hearty story to their fabrics, and the goods are all priced under $100.00. Collections are designed, manufactured, and sold exclusively by Everlane. A concept quite different from some larger players like and, which offer designer goods at severely discounted prices. And as a young style-conscious New Yorker, you need to be sharp, savvy, and cunning with your clothing purchases. Still, I finally bought in figuring $15 for a “Luxury Tee” would not break the bank. 

Indeed, on this relaxing night I was happily surprised by what came of this box I received. Greeted first by a heartfelt letter from the founders of Everlane for supporting their new venture, I then picked up the tee I had ordered. A deep defined slate blue color reminding me almost of an ocean at dusk. A really understated but complex tone. 

I immediately noticed how soft to the touch it was, a nice stretch, and great worn-in feeling, except I had not even worn it yet. The quality of the fabric really shined. Supima Cotton is American cotton that has a longer staple length for softer touch, and less pilling. It’s a stronger, more durable fiber helping to keep shape, and given its unique quality it absorbs dyes better for more vibrant colors that wont fade. I barely even felt it on my body, but I felt comfortable. The fit was perfectly slimming, without being tight, a great cut right down to the waist line, a perfect shirt length without fanning out, with nice mid bicep sleeve length. The shirt was perfect. 

Everlane proved me wrong and certainly lived up to the brand promise. I immediately sunk into my couch with this amazing shirt to enjoy a relaxing night. In fact the only complaint I have with the shirt is the HOLE that I burned in it accidentally after only 20 minutes of wear! Everlane – care to support an early adopter with a new Tee?

 *First Picture –, Second Picture – My Tee (top left closest color match)