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How Much Time Do You Have?

Getting a little ahead of myself seasonally. But hey, the groundhog did predict an early #spring right? #vans #footwear #menswear

Step into Spring

The colors and temperatures of spring require a certain style, and a certain type of shoe to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered, from the rooftop bars, to the sandy beaches, to the garden paths. Take a look at 6 of my picks for a cool spring/summer style.

(from top right clockwise)

New Balance 574 - The most comfortable walking shoe I know. The soft slate blue, and grey paneling make this perfect for any ambulatory adventure.

Vans OTW -The leather sides and wool uppers create nice contrast for a great evening sneaker on the beach or on the dance floor.

Florence, Italy Leather Loafer - The blue leather, white stitching - nothing says yacht life better.

Florence, Italy Leather Mocassin - In case you couldn’t tell I like leather from Florence. Great saturday afternoon strolling shoes.

Pro-Keds - The most classic casual sneaker out there, in baby blue.

Generic Surplus - I have posted enough about this shoe, it should speak for itself. Dress down any suit, dress up anything else.


Spring colors, layer over a suit for cool spring days at the office, or over a button down for a casual afternoon.

Edun - Linen Cotton Blazer

This royal blue is enhanced by the linen to give it a soft spring look that is versatile for both work days or Saturdays. Pear it with a light tan or grey sweater, like this Cashmere one from Uniqlo, in cooler temperatures to keep it classic.