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How Much Time Do You Have?

Performance Sneakers on a whole new level of #style @vans x @outlier #menswear #sneakers #vscocam (at Kinfolk Studios)

Stay Cool this Heatwave

In the summertime I find myself struggling to look sharp given that heat and layering just don’t coexist dryly for me. So in order to stay cool without layering shirts, ties, and jackets I’ve found a couple helpful tips…old and new (well, at least to me).

The 50’s Sleeve Roll

Though likely originating before 1950’s Greasers, the rolled sleeve is iconicized, in my opinion, by music greats like James Dean, and elvis presley. Seemingly to hold cigarette packs and traditionally done with plain white tees. I’ve done it here with a short sleeve button down, rolled 3 times and pulled in the back, for a more rugged look on a casual night out. Not to mention, gives more room for the breeze to hit you…hot summer nights.

The Contrast Handkerchief

This idea came to me recently, as I had been thinking about a way to bring the pocket square to a t-shirt or button down, and had seen it rarely on the street. What I found is that a glasses-cleaning handkerchief is the perfect size to fit in the breast pocket without creating too much puff or weighing down that part of the shirt. I’ve chosen to simply lay this grey handkerchief back over the pocket in a single triangle to keep it simple to start. Match it to the pants with a pattern and it could offer a great detail. Additionally, explore different folding patterns to lay it back over.

Use these tips with any shirts at any time and you’re bound to look sharp during this heat wave.