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How Much Time Do You Have?

GANT Rugger S/S 2013

When you’re spending a weekend in the Hamptons this summer, and trying to pretend you don’t overpack cause you’re on that #menswear game. This rich medium-blue cotton suit from GANT will help you be efficient. And with sneakers on the sand, no break in the pants means you can splash in the sea…perhaps with a partner.


GANT Rugger S/S 2013

When you’re spending a weekend in the Hamptons this summer, and trying to pretend you don’t overpack cause you’re on that #menswear game. This rich medium-blue cotton suit from GANT will help you be efficient. And with sneakers on the sand, no break in the pants means you can splash in the sea…perhaps with a partner.

Stay Cool this Heatwave

In the summertime I find myself struggling to look sharp given that heat and layering just don’t coexist dryly for me. So in order to stay cool without layering shirts, ties, and jackets I’ve found a couple helpful tips…old and new (well, at least to me).

The 50’s Sleeve Roll

Though likely originating before 1950’s Greasers, the rolled sleeve is iconicized, in my opinion, by music greats like James Dean, and elvis presley. Seemingly to hold cigarette packs and traditionally done with plain white tees. I’ve done it here with a short sleeve button down, rolled 3 times and pulled in the back, for a more rugged look on a casual night out. Not to mention, gives more room for the breeze to hit you…hot summer nights.

The Contrast Handkerchief

This idea came to me recently, as I had been thinking about a way to bring the pocket square to a t-shirt or button down, and had seen it rarely on the street. What I found is that a glasses-cleaning handkerchief is the perfect size to fit in the breast pocket without creating too much puff or weighing down that part of the shirt. I’ve chosen to simply lay this grey handkerchief back over the pocket in a single triangle to keep it simple to start. Match it to the pants with a pattern and it could offer a great detail. Additionally, explore different folding patterns to lay it back over.

Use these tips with any shirts at any time and you’re bound to look sharp during this heat wave.

2568 Moccasins Manolo

Inspired by Guatemalan patterns and fabric’s 2568 launches a small line of moccasins and boots in neutral’s and deep navy. The pair above was hand woven in Guatemala, and the pattern designed unique for this collection. The sole is solid unlike other moccasins with interspersed rubber support at the base of the shoe. Additionally the design on the tongue gives a nice pop without being overbearing. 

Pair these with some jean shorts a patterned tank (a blue pattern would help bring out the shoes) and a solid short sleeve button down over it for a hipster saturday.

Or, grab some dark wash jeans and a button down of choice for a summer dinner or sharp dad.


keds x brooks brothers.

Wow, I would normally buy blue, but I think that shade of red would do my sartorial arsenal well. Pair with a nice navy suit and button down for a cocktail party. Or khaki shorts and a patterned polo for a day in the city. Versatility is the key in any purchase.

(Source: airows, via thetieguy)

Step into Spring

The colors and temperatures of spring require a certain style, and a certain type of shoe to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered, from the rooftop bars, to the sandy beaches, to the garden paths. Take a look at 6 of my picks for a cool spring/summer style.

(from top right clockwise)

New Balance 574 - The most comfortable walking shoe I know. The soft slate blue, and grey paneling make this perfect for any ambulatory adventure.

Vans OTW -The leather sides and wool uppers create nice contrast for a great evening sneaker on the beach or on the dance floor.

Florence, Italy Leather Loafer - The blue leather, white stitching - nothing says yacht life better.

Florence, Italy Leather Mocassin - In case you couldn’t tell I like leather from Florence. Great saturday afternoon strolling shoes.

Pro-Keds - The most classic casual sneaker out there, in baby blue.

Generic Surplus - I have posted enough about this shoe, it should speak for itself. Dress down any suit, dress up anything else.

Top 5 Picks from private label launch Goodale

Blocked Cardigan - Interesting Color Blocking

Blocked Varsity Jacket - Simple, slim Varsit Jacket. Not over-detailed. Ready for a night out

Chambray Henley - Classic colors

Lined Chino Khakis - Nice lining

Marled French Terry Crewneck - Refined Spring Color

If the Suit Doesn’t Fit…Don’t Order it Online

In one of my last articles I wrote about the rise of menswear, and attributed this greatly to the popularity of online retailer sites, specifically, Mr. Porter, and Park & Bond (a Gilt affiliate). I still strongly believe that. Privacy is a big part of a man’s life, as most girlfriends and wives will tell you, but shopping online has major drawbacks. Furthermore, as a desire for sharp menswear continues to conquest the male population it wont, and should not, be necessary to shop in the “privacy” of the internet. The issue is this, every brand sizes differently, cuts its suits at different angles, makes its slim-fit jeans a different leg opening, and unless you know your body the way your tailor does, (assuming you have a tailor) buying online can be costly, time-consuming, and a complete ill-fit. I normally wear a Medium shirt, a 32 waist, and a 10 shoe. However, sometimes I am a 31 waist, a Small in outerwear, and a straight-leg Jean. Anyone the least bit sartorially inclined knows above all that FIT and CUT are the two most important things to dressing well – without the proper fit the rest is a waste of time, no matter how beautiful the fabric of that Versace suit. 

As a young New Yorker, with little time to waste and even less money to spend I need to know that my clothes will look sharp, feel sharp, and stay sharp. So I adhere to the One Size Theory – only buy online if it’s a one-size-fits-all garment. I admit I break this sometimes for shoes – but that size rarely changes. Aside from shoes I now keep my “Gilty” pleasure purchases to Socks, Ties, Accessories, Watches, Eyewear, Pocket Squares…you get the cut of my suit now right? Ok, good.

So what is someone trying to look sharp, at a good price to do? It might seem obvious but it’s oft overlooked…it’s H&M (and many of those retailers like it, Uniqlo, Joe Fresh, Top Man, Zara etc.). I happen to be a personal fan of H&M most though, because of its range of style, incredibly fast production, and now elevated quality. It happens to be particularly fitting, because the one thing I won’t buy at H&M are shoes. However, their dress shirts fit great, and I can count on a consistency in sizing, shrinking, and style. They sell affordable suits that have a great modern cut and come priced from $100 to $150 (throw in $50 for tailoring and you’re set). Their range of, pants, shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts, ties, hats, etc can’t be beat. Uniqlo may be an incredible basics shop, but if you’re looking to add some pattern into your life without the financial risk, or see a great pear of one-season-only shorts (I would never advise buying anything for one season only, maybe one occasion – like a theme party) you should look no further than H&M, and I will defend it to the core. It’s mission statement is to bring you “fashion and quality at the best price,” so save your designer purchases for consignment stores, your ties for the internet, and everything else for H&M. 

Check these pairings from H&M’s summer Conscious Collection, whether you’re in the Hamptons, or in Williamsburg you’re bound to look sharp.