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How Much Time Do You Have?

            Outlier, the creators of finely tailored performance wear, from the international hipster outpost of Williamsburg is on point in collaboration with those skateboard-turned-lifestyle designers out in California, Vans OTW. What could have been a clash of the coasts resulted in a brilliant meeting of the minds. Using the urban Bedford design as the canvas, Outlier imparts their classic muted color schemes with a stormy slate-grey upper created from the super-breathable, water-resistant, windproof Supermarine cotton. Cutting through the middle of this storm-cloud grey is a lighter contrast of premium grey suede paneling traversing from the heel to the tongue. You get the usuals in the vulcanized rubber outsole and Vans tagging on the side – but sure enough the tongues sport the Outlier Blackswan on the right, and the Supermarine airplanes on the left.

            Whether it’s a face-off with the sidewalk, boardwalk, skate-park, or Berry Park these kicks are ready. Wear ‘em with jeans, khakis, NYCO SLIMS, or the NEW OGs; these sneakers can do it all. Just don’t sleep on these guys, they drop August and are sure to be cleaned out quick.

            Check out these Van’s putting in work here. Learn more about the Outlier philosophy, and their killer cloth here. Vans OTW is all about this.

Getting a little ahead of myself seasonally. But hey, the groundhog did predict an early #spring right? #vans #footwear #menswear

Step into Spring

The colors and temperatures of spring require a certain style, and a certain type of shoe to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered, from the rooftop bars, to the sandy beaches, to the garden paths. Take a look at 6 of my picks for a cool spring/summer style.

(from top right clockwise)

New Balance 574 - The most comfortable walking shoe I know. The soft slate blue, and grey paneling make this perfect for any ambulatory adventure.

Vans OTW -The leather sides and wool uppers create nice contrast for a great evening sneaker on the beach or on the dance floor.

Florence, Italy Leather Loafer - The blue leather, white stitching - nothing says yacht life better.

Florence, Italy Leather Mocassin - In case you couldn’t tell I like leather from Florence. Great saturday afternoon strolling shoes.

Pro-Keds - The most classic casual sneaker out there, in baby blue.

Generic Surplus - I have posted enough about this shoe, it should speak for itself. Dress down any suit, dress up anything else.

What I Wore Today

Torso - Hawkings McGill

Neck - The Jack Collection

Back - Barbour

Wrist - Tissot

Legs - Levi’s

Feet - Vans

KENZO Era Vans

This summer the Italian Designer teams up with Surf Sneaker Vans with a bright take on this season’s trend of soft pastels contrasted by bold colors. The patters are beachy, but strong, I’d wear the Blue and Cream any day.

What I Wore Today
Neck - H&M
Torso - Uniqlo
Shoulders - Corduroy
Legs - Levi’s 511
Feet - Vans OTW

The shoes were a great gift from a friend ;) and are just as sharp in real life as they were in my post below. Been breaking em in everyday, with jeans, khakis, and corduroy. Great sole, comfortable for lots of walking…and dancing.